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Risky Rescue

Risky Rescue is a demanding arcade game from creators of Timberman which combines "snake" like mechanics with "fly gently" rules. Will you pass all the levels or will you set the new world record in endless mode?

Get into your helicopter and rescue the people. Fly as fast as you can and as carefully as you can to not crash in the mountains. Avoid wind mills, cranes, planes and balloons! Explore all the beautiful, flat designed worlds, unlock all the choppers and simply have fun with innovative two-touch controls!


- 50+ demanding levels in 3 flat designed worlds
- endless mode
- 22+ vehicles to unlock (boost / additional armour / different parameters)
- innovative controls
- Everyplay gameplay recording supported (activate from settings)
- leaderboards and achievements
- awesome music and sfx by famous game sound composer
- simple but challenging

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Digital Melody Games


Digital Melody Games


iOS, Android, Steam, Nintendo Switch (18.04.2019)

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  • 18 Apr,2019
    "Use your reflexes but be gentle, there is no place for mistakes in a Risky Rescue!"
    Nintendo eShop UK
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  • 01 Jun,2016
    "A very good game and challenging also.the music reminds me of good old days 8-bit video games.for me the music is best part of this game.overall a very nice compilation. Loved it"
    Ankara Rathore / Google Play
Risky Rescue